Arms Wide Open...

As I sat outside one evening watching my grandson play, with all the energy of a 6 year old. He suddenly stopped and said “Nammie, you stand there and I’m gonna be here.” (which was about 20 feet from me). Then he said, “Now, hold out your arms”. So, I did. He said, “No, Nammie, put this arm out and now that arm all the way out”. Which meant arms open wide.

Then he ran and jumped into my arms laughing all the way. As I thought about this, I realized a couple of miracles had just happened. (1) I could catch him without falling over. (2) The trust he had in me to catch him. There was no DOUBT in his mind.

As a grandparent, I wouldn’t trade that simple 30 second experience for anything. We continue to get caught up in the negatives and loose our focus on the positives. I could have thought and said and stopped his boisterous play and said I can’t catch you, what if we fall over. Big negative. And big downer in our play time. The positive part of this picture was the trust.

Driving home later that evening another realization occurred to me. —- The symbolic feature of The Cross in that small 30 second episode.

We are to be as children running to the arms of Jesus. Running and jumping with total trust in Him to catch us. As parents, we will make mistakes. Our actions/re-actions make an impact on our kids. But thank goodness, we can also think of ourselves as the child running into the open arms and being caught with the absolute trust and relying on Him to catch us.

Please just take a moment and stop and “catch” your kids, hold them and spend a few quality moments with them in your arms that are open wide.

Happy “catchin”, Shelby

From “My Thoughts, Words and Deeds”

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 "O Lord my God, I cried unto you and you have healed me."

Psalm 30:2

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