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Class Participant Testimonies (August 5th, 2017)

One idea I think was good about class?  

I liked the smaller class because it was easier to express and speak out my feelings.”

“It was nice to just talk to someone to help me see the issues”

“It was fun with a lot of humor, which is a coping skill.”

One idea or take away I got out of class?

“I learned it is important to watch how I talk to others, especially in from of my kids to show them respect.”

“Anger isn’t bad, it is the action you choose with the anger and realizing the signs and signals that change your emotions.”

“It helped me to think before I act and other ways to control the situation.”

“This class has helped me a lot. Not only to understand myself, but other people, too. I realized that I can’t blame YOU for all MY problems. That WE can work together and if not, just walk away.”

Other comments from Anger Resolution Class:

“I have learned how to control emotions from bad to good. How to take over your actions before you regret it. Everything was explained with words that made sense on how to handle anger. Don’t let anger take over my life.

“I was very comfortable sharing, which says a lot, (I don’t usually speak much). Humor was thrown into the class along with the seriousness. All in all was a good class. I didn’t feel as if I was being judged so that made it easier to open up and express myself.”

“I feel that I will be able to recognize the problem before it becomes a PROBLEM—through AWARENESS”.

“This class was very good, the way it is taught. The group discussions and everyone’s participation. The learning and listening to different views and opinions. You never know your life experiences COULE POSSIBLY SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE.”

Testimony from a Teenager:

“Ms. Shelby, you always make me want to smile. You are the type of counselor that helps me look at things differently and I just want to smile because I feel better.”

Testimony from One on One Sessions

“Coaching sessions with Shelby have helped not only to improve my communication within my marriage, but also have helped me overall as a person in developing and following my dreams in my professional life. It has inspired me to make the changes I needed to not just live, but to do so happily. I will be forever grateful for everything. Thank You Shelby!”

Other Testimonies from Anger Resolution Training

  • “In today’s class I learned all the different steps I can use to not focus my attention on my anger. The different coping skills I can use and over all learning how to communicate. Class was awesome. Thanks.”

  • “I think it was a very good class because it takes a lot to make me talk about myself. And she also gave me some good ideas on how to calm myself down when I expect something to be done and it is not. So, THANK YOU.”

  • “I came to this class to get help with anger, but received so much more. Ms. Sonntag is a very good teacher and showed me very good techniques of turning negative attitudes into positive attitudes. Really am looking forward to using some of the new methods learned today in my life for the future.”

  • “From this class, I learned you can’t make someone change the way they feel. Another person’s anger may be because of their situation, be empathetic.”

  • “I thought the session was great. I learned a lot of great skills. Also, I see things in a different perspective, not just about myself. I will definitely use these skills in the future when dealing with my situations and especially dealing with myself.”

Testimonies from former coaching client:

  • “Hi Shelby thank you! I’m so happy! With your help I was able to discover the real me be happy with myself forgive myself and move on. Love ya! “

  • “This class taught me a few tools to help cope with my anger, such as get some space or communicate to not let it turn into an argument.”

  • “God is real. Leaving here today my yoke has been lightened.”

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 "O Lord my God, I cried unto you and you have healed me."

Psalm 30:2

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